Introducing Legendary Yoda

Train to be a Jedi! For over 800 years Yoda has trained some of the greatest Jedi of all time.

Now it’s your turn.

16” Tall Interactive Jedi Master

Yoda’s dynamic motorized body movement and interactivity make him the most realistic Star Wars interactive toy ever.

Full Voice Recognition

Yoda speaks 115 Phrases that will lead you to Jedi wisdom and Lightsaber mastery.

Dynamic 360° Movement

Yoda comes to life with never-before-seen 360° Movement and signature Lightsaber action.

Three Distinct Modes

Yoda really moves when you channel “The Force.”

Warrior Mode

Yoda swings his glowing lightsaber as seven motors power never-before seen 360° movement! Send him on the attack, or follow along with his advanced lightsaber techniques.

  • Signature Green Light-up Lightsaber
  • Breakthrough Motorized Movement
  • Send Him on the Attack
  • Learn from the Greatest Lightsaber Warrior of All Time
  • Teaches Advanced Lightsaber Techniques

Force Mode

Yoda really moves when you “use the force!” when the dark side threatens, Yoda’s hand lights up with a glowing “force blast.”

  • Really Moves When You “Use the Force”
  • Glowing “Force Blast” Hand
  • Iconic Quotes Teach You About the Force

Wisdom Mode

While holding his cane, Yoda answers your questions and senses whether you’re strong in the force… or the dark side

  • Voice Recognition with Six Key Phrases
  • Answers Any Yes/No Question to Reveal Secrets and Wisdom From the Wisest Jedi of All-time
  • Dark Side Sensor

Legendary Yoda Available Now!